School Management System

Provide flexible way to take fee from parents respective to their childrens. You can also search many types of fee reports like pending fee, Tution fee etc.                         .

Salary Management System

Provide flexible or easy way to calculate salary of staff working in school, companies or anywhere where operator makes excel sheets for salary.                                                 .

Trading Management System

Provide an ERP Software for trading companies with billing modules like stock manage, purchase, sale and calculate net profit also records incomes(Indirect as well as Direct) and expenses(Indirect as well as Direct).

Restaurant Management System

We also provides restaurant billing software as per yours need. So that any one can use as per hir/her requirements with gst calculations. Tax concept is dynamic as per product.

Garment Management System

Provide full flash billing software for small and large scale garments shop in which shop owner will record customer, vendor, stock, sales, purchase and calculate his/her daily profit or loss.

Hospital Management System

Provide full flash billing software for hospitals ,clinics, trauma centre, Laboratories and medical shop with gst facilities in which they record patients details, medicine record, opd details, ipd details etc.